Press critic

HIRING a car on holiday is not as easy and as straightforward as YOU might think - even though the For Hire signs may be appealing and appear to be competitive. Before you even consider renting a vehicle there are several points you should bear in mind:

  1. Is the company established or just a quick buck business?
  2. Are the vehicles properly serviced and not death traps?
  3. Are you adequately covered in the event of an accident?
  4. Will they provide breakdown cover or will you be left stranded?

When you hire a vehicle you should not be tempted by price alone because that could be fatal whether you are in Greece, Spain, Turkey or even Britain. Having been to Kardamena twice a year for the last 14 years I know who I can trust and I know who I can put my faith in.

Going for the cheapest may mean you are hiring a vehicle that has not been serviced professionally and that means the frightening possibility of faulty brakes, clapped out engine or even dangerous tyres. If you want to enjoy your holiday, then make sure you go to a reputable hire company like Manos in Kardamena.

They are arguably the most reliable hire operator you could use and are just a stones throw from the main square. You will be greeted by an English voice anyway because Veronica is a true Brit who has been here for years and pride's herself on honesty and integrity.

There is no shortage of choice and the company prides itself on having:

  • All rentals coming with Collision Damage Waiver (and no excess), Personal Accident cover and Tax.
  • Provision of infant, baby and booster seats free of charge.
  • Free delivery and collection to and from your hotel/apartment.
  • Membership of the Express Service, the Greek equivalent to our AA thus offering guaranteed 24-hour service.
  • And as the business has been established and English-run since 1987 you know you are getting experience and expertise.

I learned my lessons about car hire when I first started coming here.

I stayed in Tigaki and hired a car for the day to travel round the island. I got as far as Kos Town and the vehicle broke down.

It took me all day to get someone out to rescue me and since then I have always hired at Manos - without any problems whatsoever.

Peter Faulkner

Freelance Journalist and Editor of City Sport & Leisure magazine